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Most of us who live in the neoteric world are committing slow suicide. Where does the problem prevail? Our nutrient- and mineral-deficient, toxic-chemical laced diet. Malnutrition has reached pandemic proportions in the industrialized world; malnutrition not due to a lack of food but to an abundance of food that is lacking in true nutritional value and content.

On top of trans-fats we can add herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics, nitrates, preservatives, artificial colors/flavors, synthetic hormones, genetically modified food, irradiated food, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, lots of overly refined/processed food and a dash of simple sugars, carbohydrates and refined grains!
How do you think our immune system might react to these lovely additions? Kind of makes you wonder what diagnosis would be worse than "severe clinical depression." Perhaps the answer is "early death by poisoning."

Junk Food is everywhere. There are more than 300,000 outlets of fast food in US alone. Junk Food is popular and convenient but low in nutrition and high in calories. Surveys shows more than 90% of money spend on food is on process food in western nations and this trend seems to increase rapidly in Asian countries as well. The cost is more illness and soaring health problems.

Call it junk food, fast food, processed food we are eating it more than ever before. Junk food is called junk because its high in sodium, calories, fat and cholesterol, its everything that doctor didn’t order.

 Did you realize that junk food even clog your brain ? We are eating ourselves into early graves with lives blighted by obesity and illness. High fat content food means high blood cholesterol levels. That means a hardening of the arteries. It means more heart disease. It means more strokes and possibly a rise in some types of cancers such as breast cancer or cancer of the colon.

In the past, people just ate healthier and used to have a strict stipulation about the exact time for each meal; which contribute to people's healthy physical conditions. In ancient China, there was an adage, “Eat the best for breakfast. Eat the most for lunch. And eat the least for dinner” from which we can see how the ancient people ate in a temperate way. However, today people no longer obey the old rules; one may eat whatever he wants to eat whenever he feels hungry.

These unhealthy dietary habits can directly pose a threat to our bodies. For instance, we have a much better medical condition than before. Moreover, the medical technology is under rapid development today and more medicines are produced to cure specific diseases like cancer which could be impossibly cured in the old days .But the real question is what cause these disease and why does need for medical attention is increasing rapidly despite ofnew advancement.

Don’t be fooled by the “make it skinny or healthy treats” option on fast food menu; It only cuts 200 calories and 44 (of 250!) grams of sugar, while the fat content remains the same. Combine three flavored syrups, whole milk and whipped cream, and this festive Frappuccino become a sugar and fat bomb. (The caramel sauce and turbinado sugar topping don’t help, either). Homemade fruit cocktail is less in calories and healthy but get it from a store its “multi colored liquid sugar”; when it comes tocarbonated drinks it’s a lost cause .

Eating healthy doesn’t means eating less but right portions of right food .Experts doesn’t advise to starve yourselves or restrain completely from your favorite dishes; but make sure not to overindulge  yourselves with it. As the saying goes you eat to live, not live to eat.

Eating only processed ‘healthy treats’ practiced by many health conscious  people ,have simply been substituting lower calorie processed foods for their original meals. In such a way, sure you're taking in less calories, but at what cost? There is more to losing weight; it’s not just cutting back on calories but your choice on healthy food. It’s not just long hours in gym but choice of what we eat everyday.

 Your body deserves respect for everything it does for you, and when you nourish it, it will repay you with good health. Respect yourself enough to feed your body whole, nutritious foods, preferably prepared at home. Educate your family—not just on how to make better choices, but why. Teaching them the ethical implications of our eating choices goes further than just teaching the health implications.