The wish for healing has always been half of health
— Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The Therapies

Listed are a few common therapies adopted in Ayurveda. This is for general info only. Speak with our Physician to help us assess you, provide you the best possible care.


Abhyangam -the Sanskrit  terminology for  full body massage therapy -is a masterpiece of Kerala Ayurveda.This full body oleation and massage therapy use appropriate herbal oils and synchronized strokes. It promotes proper hydration and suppleness of the skin and improves circulation thereby helping better elimination of metabolic wastes. Due to its healing and relaxing properties,ability to  influence  organic systems, Abyanga is indicated in Neuromuscular and Degenerative Disorders, Fatigue, Sports injuries, Anxiety and Insomnia.


A luxurious and deeply calming experience of having a fine stream of warm liquid poured on the middle of the forehead. Herbal oils or herbally medicated buttermilk are used for Sirodhara.This therapy soothes and invigorates the senses and the mind, relaxes the body and promotes a sense of well being, mental clarity and sound sleep.Sirodhara is opted to manage a variety of conditions like allergic rhinitis, neurological disorders,migraine, insomnia,vertigo, and certain types of skin disease like psoriasis.


One of the Panchakarmas (detox therapies) mentioned in Ayurveda. A process wherein herbal drugs are administered through the nostrils. It mechanically clears the nasal tract, relieves sinus congestion, nourishes and vitilizes the sense organs and stimulates the brain. Different forms of Nasyam are indicated in Headache, migraine, eye diseases, Bell's Palsy, stroke and neurological conditions involving the brain.Beneficial in hair fall and premature graying of hair


This is a signature therapy for lower back pain, sciatica, degenerative disc condition,disc herniation/ disc prolapse and arthritis of the spine. A pool of warm medicated oil is retained on the lower back for a specific duration of time. This helps to relax the paraspinal muscles, eases tension and inflammation and enables gradual healing in degenerative conditions of the spine.


This is a form of deep heat therapy using medicinal leaves, herbal powders, lemon, njavara rice cooked with herbs in different combinations for different conditions ranging from muscle and joint pains to chronic degenerative neurological disorders. It reduces inflammation, strengthens muscles relieves pain and promotes joint flexibility.

Njavara Kizhi

A special variety of brown rice called Njavara is cooked with milk and herbs and as boluses it is tied in cloth. The bundle is heated by soaking in hot milk boiled with herbs and applied on the body. This is much more than just a heat therapy as its functions include toning and strengthening due to which it is done at the end of routine Panchakarma treatment.

Naranga Kizhi

This is a form of Ayurvedic therapy popular in Kerala owing to its common use in post natal care of the mother. Fresh lemon pieces are blended with suitable powdered herbs, grated coconut, garlic, powdered rock salt and herbal oils, warmed and tied in cloth as a bundle. This is then dipped in warm medicated oils and gently massaged on the body to apply deep heat. The indications also include rheumatoid arthritis, repeated stress injuries, back pain and sciatica.

Podi Kizhi

Podikizhi otherwise known as Churnaswedam is a deep heat therapy using powdered herbs in a bundle. The bundle dipped in warm herbal oil is used to impart heat to the body in conditions like arthritis, paralysis, muscular pain, spondylosis, back pain, frozen shoulder etc. it relieves stiffness of joints and muscles in these conditions.

Ela Kizhi

The use of fresh herbal leaves is the unique feature of this therapy. Herbal leaves are chosen according to the medical condition and individual need and these are compounded with powdered herbs, garlic and salt powder. The mixture tied up into a bundle in a cloth is soaked in warm medicated oil and rubbed on the body. It reduces inflammation, stimulates the nerves and strengthens the tissues and is therefore used in the treatment of neurological conditions.

Swedana/Herbal Steam Bath

Steam bath is a time-tested way of treatment which induces perspiration in a natural way. The use of herbal steam adds therapeutic value and helps to eliminate morbid matter from the surface of the skin. It also improves circulation, tissue activity and mobility of joints. It is beneficial in different forms of toxemia, obesity, rheumatism and stiffness.


Udvartanam or Ayurvedic powder massage involves rubbing of herbal powders with pressure on the body using strokes in the upward direction. It reduces cellulite and excess subcutaneous fat and tones and firms up the body. It is essentially a part of obesity and diabetes management in Ayurveda.

Herbal Scrub

This is a skin therapy done using a blend of turmeric, aloe-vera, other herbs and fruits that cleanse the skin, control stretch marks and sun tan and improve blood circulation to the skin. A wisely formulated herbal scrub helps to exfoliate, detoxify, repair and nourish the skin by the action of its herb, fruit, grain and other components.

Netra Tarpanam

Tarpanam is a rejuvenative therapy for the eye which is done either as a preventive eye care measure or as a curative method in eye conditions with impaired vision. Medicated ghee is retained as a pool over the eyes for the prescribed time and this process is widely used in the Ayurvedic treatment of cataract, eye injuries etc.


A judicious combination of Ayurveda and Physio therapy exclusively designed by Dr Indusekhar, our mentor.

PhysioVeda has proven its high efficacy in Back pain and Neck pain management with more than 95 % success rate among the citizens of Singapore and Malaysia. You could avail integrated PhysioVeda techniques through all our clinics.



Our Ayurveda packages are categorized to suit the varying time constraints of our clients and are broadly divided into

EXPRESS VEDA CARE- for those who need a sneak peek into the big treasure of this science,

EXECUTIVE VEDA CARE- a bit more time to spend and wish to refresh,revamp and re tune yourself ? This one is be the best for those who wants a break from their hectic schedules. 

DISEASE SPECIFIC VEDA CARE- Our physicians will do a detailed assessment of your health issues after  intense personal consultation and examination and recommend a specific health schedule for your recovery.


EXPRESS VEDA CARE - 1 to 3 Days Programme

Express veda detox

3 days- 9000 INR / 93 USD

A short therapy programme with Ayurvedic therapies , Physioveda manipulations accompanied or followed by variable cleansing techniques .

Express veda rejuvenation

1 to 3 days- 3000 to 9000 INR

One to three days rejuvenation programme molded with appropriate Ayurvedic therapies intended for Jet lags,general well being, skin suppleness and other aesthetic benefits.



Executive veda detox

5 to 7 Days- 15000 to 21000 INR

Detailed cleansing programme with Ayurveda therapy, Physioveda manipulations and customized  Ayurvedic diet

Executive veda rejuvenation

5 to 7 Days- 15000 to 21000 INR

Detailed wellness programme ideal for occupational stress and lifestyle disorders. The package includes Ayurveda therapies, Physioveda Manipulations, custom diet, Yoga and meditation schedules.



We don't believe in offering a package when it is a health concern.

Please speak to our team of Ayurveda doctors and get the perfect advice.If  your ailment can be managed we will let you know the protocol of management , the duration and expenses.

We have a radical approach of  integral  management of diseases. This means, if you need a radiotherapy, surgery or some kind of invasive therapy you will be advised and referred for the same.  Assistance are offered on all specialties with prompt response  of skilled doctors from Ayurveda and Modern medicine.



All of our centers have scheduled  meditation and yoga sessions. You could avail them along with the therapy packages or opt for individual sessions.


PÁTA SHÁLA - the learning hut

Want to learn the science ? Here is the time and place.

We offer courses on different specialties of Ayurveda.

If you are meritorious enough and have the specified eligibility, our career wing will guide through the process of procuring a Bachelor degree in Ayurveda medicine  and come out as an Ayurveda Doctor.

Alternatively, we offer various short-term therapy courses highly beneficial to pursue a good career and of course a very good personal lifestyle.

You could drop in an inquiry to get the course structure, duration and fees.